Colorful Steps

Image Identification of Words

Laundry Helper

M Is For Morgan

Magnet Letters

Pretend Play: Letter Art

Sound Surround!

Vocab Recap!

Where Do They Live?

Words, Words, Words

Zoo Game

Block Fun


Eat a Puzzle!

In-Out Game

Paper Clip Chain

Pasta Necklace

Pebble Sorting

Pick 'em Up

Play-Doh Leaf Print

Rubber Band

String In A Sequence

Tongs as Toys!

Bop Ball

Bull's Eye!

Fly Like An Airplane

Gallop & Tag


Let's Pull

Invisible Pictures!

Obstacle Course

Spot Bounce

The Run-Around

Treasure Hunt

Walk the Line!

Fill In The Blank

Hotter/ Colder

Match Cars To 'Car'ds

Mealtime Helper

Muffin Tray Musical Band!

Open-Ended Questions

Play-Doh Color Match

Rhyme Time!

Sight The Word Game

Stamping Game

Story Line

Treasure Hunt Fun!

Cheerio Name!

Clip The Clip!

Clothespin Letter Match


Cut That Paper

Plate Sewing!

Pom-Pom Drop

Thread The Straws

Toothbrush On Canvas

Trace Craze

Trace Patterns

Water Dropper

Alphabet Ball

Balance Beam

Balloon Hockey

Balloon Toss

Hopscotch Fun!

Kangaroo Ball

Laundry Baskets

Magnet Target

Olympic Hurdles

Target Practice

Throw Through The Tarp!

Uppercase/ Lowercase Ball Drop

Bottle Top Count And Match

Egg Drop Experiment

French Fries!

Linking Numbers

Magic With Numbers!

Make A Volcano!

Match The Letter!

Mystery Box

Name Compare Chart

Sticky Thinking

Tower Power

Tray Recall


Figure Out Beans

Fingerprint Carrot

Foamy Words

Letter Trace

Pom Pom On Line

Pom Pom Painting

Roll That Marble!

Squirt Gun Fun

Straw Javelin Throw

The Great 8!

Tissue Flower

Ball Tennis

Bite Me!

Blow The Balloon


Froggie Hop

Ghost Walkers!

Ice Bowling

Junk In The Trunk!

Milk Carton Catcher!

Slide Painting With Balls

Spelling Stone!

Sticky Web