Little games for big brains

A neuroscience-based program that targets the skills for school success

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Created with support from the US Department of Education and the National Science Foundation

Build the Best Foundation for School Success

Kiko’s Thinking Time challenges key skills critical to learning

An adaptive program based on neuroscience

  • Developed with Harvard and UC Berkeley neuroscientists with support from the US Department of Education
  • Trains executive functions (memory, inhibition, focus and cognitive flexibility) by exercising impulse control
  • Targets reasoning and spatial skills through progressive challenges

Designed for early learners (3-7 years)

  • No reading required. Voice instructions guide students to help Kiko The Fox with a variety of tasks
  • Motivational supports like rewards and positive feedback help students stay engaged
  • Requirements: iPad (2nd generation or later), iPod or iPhone. Android coming soon.

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Parents follow along their children’s personalized journey

Parents, teachers and caregivers get access to an in-app metrics dashboard where they can follow their children’s progress in each skill area. In addition, they can use our comprehensive web-based portal with more details on these skills and how they can be taught.

Learn More About The Science

Children with stronger working memory, inhibition and attentional skills show stronger gains in tests of early literacy and math.

- Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

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