Image by: Sonny Abesamis

Bull's Eye!

Age Range
3-6 yrs
Setup Time
2 minutes!
Setup Location

Children love the feeling of propelling an object away from their body and watching where it goes. The overhand throw is a required movement in many children’s games. In order for your child to enjoy and be successful in playing games he/she must develop skill in throwing.

Give your child the opportunity to practice the skill of throwing overhand. At this developmental age children should focus on throwing “hard” at a target. This will enable him to go through the full range of the throwing motion.

This game improves your child’s ability to focus and use directed movement!


  1. Draw a target on outdoor pavement. Alternatively you can use a plastic bucket or rag cloth

  2. Soak sponges in the bucket of water and aim them at the center of the target

  3. For older/ more advanced children, you can use a point system to score the 'wins'!

Disclaimer: This presents an overview of child development. It is important to keep in mind that the time frames presented are averages and some children may achieve various developmental milestones earlier or later than the average but still be within the normal range of development. This information is presented to help parents understand, at a high level, what to expect from their child. Any questions/concerns you may have about your child’s development should be shared with your doctor.