Image by: Steven Depolo

Bottle Top Count And Match

Age Range
3-7 yrs
Setup Time
2 minutes!
Setup Location

Children usually learn about color during their preschool years. The ability to identify colors is considered a marker and milestone in a child’s cognitive process and is often part of early screening for development and educational admittance. Recognizing the colors and identifying the color names is an important part of a child’s development. Early identification of colors helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words.

Along with learning what each color is called, children need to understand what color represents; it’s not size, nor shape, nor the name of the object, nor the texture, not the number of things showing. Constant repetition and expanding on what colors are and what they are not will help any child understand what the actual word color means.

This activity helps reinforce the understanding of colors in children.


  1. Collect a selection of lids of different colours and sizes and an old shoe box cover and some coloured marker pens

  2. Trace and color all the lids onto the shoe box cover using different marker colors, matching the color of the bottle lids

  3. Use some numeral stickers to match up each lid with its corresponding color silhouette

  4. Hand over the lids to your child to match with those on the shoe box cover and have them place the lid onto the color silhouette

Disclaimer: This presents an overview of child development. It is important to keep in mind that the time frames presented are averages and some children may achieve various developmental milestones earlier or later than the average but still be within the normal range of development. This information is presented to help parents understand, at a high level, what to expect from their child. Any questions/concerns you may have about your child’s development should be shared with your doctor.