Hello from Kiko Labs

Hello from Kiko Labs

Posted by Grace on Jun 30 2013

Thank you for checking us out! It’s my first post and I thought I’d start by describing the intent behind this blog:

As a parent, raising children in today’s technologically advanced world is both a challenge and a privilege. It’s a challenge because it’s tough to make informed choices without sifting through vast amounts of research and keeping up-to-date. It’s a privilege because we’re now armed with new knowledge and powerful tools that could potentially help our children learn in new ways and discover new possibilities.

How do I help my child build a strong intellectual and socio-emotional foundation? How much media exposure, if any, is good for my child? What types of media and new technology will actually help her to learn? Above all, how do I nurture a lifelong love of learning so she can create a purposeful life for herself? These are all topics I personally have wrestled with, want to share some insights on and start a dialogue about.

If you’ve read the About Us section, you’ll know that Kiko Labs was founded to create games for children that incorporate the latest neuroscience research. For decades, scientists believed that thinking capacity was fixed, but evidence is mounting that it’s not. Research has shown that behavior can actually _change _brain function and in turn, alter brain structure itself – a concept called neuroplasticity. This is _huge. _So huge that we’ve been inspired to create games to foster these behaviors: games based on scientific interventions targeting specific cognitive functions built on adaptive algorithms with supportive heuristics. We like to think of it as a little science for your budding scientist.