Announcing our first product: Thinking Time!

  • Dec 11 2013

We're excited to share the news of our first product, Thinking Time, now available on the App Store. Research shows that cognitive skills like working memory, reasoning and flexibility predict children's success in school better than raw IQ. These skills are trainable. So we created an app that can…

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The marshmallow test - what does it measure?

  • Sep 25 2013

Many of us have seen the famous marshmallow test. Put a kid in a room with a marshmallow in front of her. Tell her that if you're leaving for a few minutes, and if she waits for you to return without eating the marshmallow, she'll get another one. The results are pretty comical (and agonizing for…

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Interview with our advisor, Jenny Thomson

  • Sep 05 2013

One of the cool things about our work at Kiko Labs is that we get the privilege of working with academic experts like Jenny Thomson, who is a member of our Scientific Advisory Board. For the past 6 years, Jenny has been an Associate Professor at the Harvard Graduate School where she researches and …

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Can playing games make you smarter?

  • Jul 19 2013

I love playing memory cards with my three-year old daughter, if nothing more, just to see the look of concentration on her face as she tries to pick the right card, and the ensuing delight when she gets it right. I'd like to believe playing these sorts of thinking games is doing something more than…

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Hello from Kiko Labs

  • Jun 30 2013

Thank you for checking us out! It’s my first post and I thought I’d start by describing the intent behind this blog: As a parent, raising children in today’s technologically advanced world is both a challenge and a privilege. It’s a challenge because it’s tough to make informed choices without sifting t…

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