Kiko’s Thinking Time for Education

Exclusive Features for Schools and Districts

Turn center-based time into training time.

Many preschool and kindergarten classrooms have a tablet-to-student ratio of 1:2 or greater. Center-based time with tablets where students rotate in groups is a common implementation. Kiko’s Thinking Time for Education supports device-sharing and allows each student to access their account in the app from any teacher-authorized device in an easy, age-appropriate way.

Add and edit teacher accounts and student profiles easily.

Via our web-based portal, school administrators can easily create and manage teacher accounts. Administrators and teachers can add classrooms and student profiles. The onboarding process takes minutes:

  • Administrator sets up teacher accounts, classrooms and student profiles
  • Teachers login to the app on any device
  • All student profiles in the selected classroom are available for play on that device

Access detailed reports on student performance and usage.

Administrators and teachers can access classroom consolidated reports at the appropriate level and drill down into an individual student’s performance as needed. Our reports provide:

  • App usage statistics
  • Performance data by activity and by skill category
  • Benchmarking by percentile for age group

Kiko Labs provides specialized training and customer support.

  • Online materials for getting started
  • Background information and supplemental activities for each skill
  • Customer support via phone Monday to Friday 9-5 PST and via email 24/7

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